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Tokyo Beauty and Massage School’s Mission is to promote quality education and training for a rewarding career in the field of massage therapy, skin care, and nail technology.


The objective of Tokyo Beauty & Massage School is to provide the training necessary to prepare the student with the skills required to successfully graduate and secure employment in the field. In order to achieve this objective the school does the following:

  • The student has the opportunity to complete the course of study in a timely manner and therefore control the cost of their education.
  • The student has the opportunity to have actual hands-on experiences with clients to learn the skills necessary to build and retain a client base.
  • The student has the knowledge and skill to effectively communicate with the cosmetology professional and their client
  • Upon completion of the course requirements the student is prepared for the State Board licensing examinations or national certification. 


Tokyo Beauty & Massage School provides training in professional development toward the goal of preparing students for the workforce. Job opportunities are placed on a bulletin board on an on-going basis. When a student nears graduation, the school will assist the student in placement interviews.
Tokyo Beauty & Massage School does not guarantee employment; this depends entirely upon each student.

Special Rates offered by Students for Massage Services! 
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